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The Crystal Method LIVE

About this Artist

L.A.'s THE CRYSTAL METHOD has been referred to as America's answer to the Chemical Brothers. The electronic duo has a rock feel with a solid base in American hip hop, rock, soul, and pop.

The Crystal Method was formed in 1993 by Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland as a part of the evolution of projects that led them from their native Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Drawn in by the youthful exuberance of the early-'90s rave scene, Jordan and Kirkland began producing tracks inspired by their experiences inside L.A.'s club counterculture. The Crystal Method was signed to the City of Angels label in 1994, and their debut single, "Keep Hope Alive," appeared soon after.

The pair's desire to be taken seriously as a band, rather than being relegated to the anonymity of most techno acts, led them to focus on live performance. The Crystal Method became increasingly popular and in 1996 signed with Geffen affiliate Outpost Recordings.

The group's debut LP, Vegas (1997), is an eclectic blend of acid, funk, rock, and big-beat hip hop. Their most recent release is Legion of Boom (V2/BMG, 2004).