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Young Frankenstein: 50th Anniversary

Produced in Partnership with Street Food Cinema

Thu / Oct 31, 2024 - 8:00PM

The black-and-white cult classic from the 1970s.

Gate time:
6:30 PM

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About this Performance

In this hilarious cult classic, Mel Brooks gives us a surreal parody of the horror staple, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, by telling the story of the infamous scientist’s grandson who is on a mission to prove that his grandfather wasn’t as crazy as people say he was. After being invited to Transylvania, the American scientist sets out to discover the process of reanimating a dead body. Follow the journey of Dr. Frederick Frankenstein and his assistants, Igor and Inga, as they collide with all the obstacles that come after bringing the dead back to life.

Starring acting legends, Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Teri Garr, and Peter Boyle, Young Frankenstein has been a critical and commercial success, ranking among the greatest comedy films of all time. Arrive early to celebrate the film’s 50th anniversary with pre-show entertainment and other goodies—and it’s Halloween, of course, so don’t forget to dress to kill!

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