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Jeff Rosenstock

Fri / Sept 13, 2024 - 8:00PM

Gate time:
6:30 PM


About this Performance

Jeff Rosenstock has spent the last two decades pushing the parameters of punk rock, both via the pioneering Quote Unquote Records, his donation-based record label, and musically through anthems that blend power-pop, ska, punk, ambient, indie, folk, dub, metal, post-rock, and everything else under the sun. Following a string of critically acclaimed records including The Needle Drop’s #1 Album of 2023, HELLMODE, and 2024's lush, loud, and fully orchestral movie score for Craig Before the Creek, the Death Rosenstock Family Band is taking the stage at The Ford to play a nearly-three-hour marathon set, celebrating the joy and chaos of their entire catalog. Spend a night with the band under the stars as they take this special opportunity to blast beyond the bounds of their usual 90-minute club show. Special guests, horns, string sections, deep cuts, old favorites, b-sides—all bets are off and everything is a possibility!

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