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The Natural World of Studio Ghibli:
Princess Mononoke

Fri / Aug 23, 2024 - 8:00PM

Miyazaki’s masterful cautionary tale of nature and humanity.

Gate time:
6:30 PM

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About this Performance

Princess Mononoke, 1997
In Japanese with English subtitles

Roger Ebert praised Princess Mononoke as “a great achievement and a wonderful experience” that avoids easy moral simplifications to show “Hayao Miyazaki’s deep humanism.” Set in 14th-century Japan, a young prince sets off to break a curse he received from a raging demon. As he journeys far from home, he finds himself in the middle of a world at war—waged between the mining colony Iron Town and the forest gods marshaled by Princess Mononoke. The prince seeks to forge peace, but the harmony between men and nature might be too far gone.  

The Natural World of Studio Ghibli celebrates the legendary animation studios’ thematic explorations of natural environments, our relationship with nature, and the spiritual aspect of the natural world. Miyazaki’s films invite audiences into fantastical worlds, filled with memorable characters, heartfelt storytelling, and iconic scores by Joe Hisaishi that have earned Academy Awards and fans worldwide. Experience classic Studio Ghibli films screened in Japanese with English subtitles set in the natural outdoor beauty of The Ford. 

This program is a collaboration with the LA Phil Insight initiative, generously supported by Linda and David Shaheen.

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