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Free Event

Sun / Aug 1, 2021 - 7:30PM

Experience thunderous Japanese taiko drumming blended with ethereal bamboo flute and stunning choreography.

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  • Bryan Yamami Executive Director
  • Masato Baba Artistic Director
  • Yumi Saito choreographer
  • Liz Au performer
  • Jen Baik performer
  • Andrew Chen performer
  • Courtney Deguchi performer
  • Darren Endo performer
  • Keiko Harada performer
  • Jenny Mimura performer
  • Blaine O’Brien performer
  • Doug Sakamoto performer
  • Audrey Tu performer
  • Brian Yamagata performer
  • Risa Isogawa apprentice
  • Kaz Mogi apprentice
  • Thistle Boosinger trainee
  • Bevin Chan trainee
  • Gaku Sasaki trainee
  • Scott LeGrand lighting designer/Technical Director
  • Glenn Suravech sound designer
  • Sueko Oshimoto costume designer

About this Performance

The pre-eminent American taiko ensemble comes to The Ford. The LA-based group TAIKOPROJECT brings together the propulsive and intricate sounds of Japanese taiko drumming with koto, marimba, and shinobue–as well as vocals and stunning choreography–to show off the visceral power of this traditional music, alongside contemporary taiko songs composed by the group.

Free Events: The Ford has invited essential workers, fans, and community organizations from across LA county and these concerts are by invitation only.

Programs, artists, dates, prices, and availability subject to change.