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The Improvised Shakespeare Company

Free Event

Sat / July 31, 2021 - 8:00PM

The play’s the thing (that’s made up on the spot).

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About this Performance

With nothing more than a title shouted from the audience, The Improvised Shakespeare Company creates an entire play on the spot – comedy, tragedy, or history in the Shakespearean mold, all of it delivered in the “thee”- and “thou”-laden English of the Bard. Nothing is planned, nothing is rehearsed, and everything comes together in the spur of the moment. The L.A.-based troupe got its start in Chicago and has performed everywhere from Bonnaroo to Montreal’s Just for Laughs to local comedy spot Largo at the Coronet.

Free Events: The Ford has invited essential workers, fans, and community organizations from across LA county and these concerts are by invitation only.

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