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The Ford, along with the Hollywood Bowl works with neighbors in formal and informal ways, all in a commitment to collaboration. In addition to making this world-famous concert venue accessible to diverse audiences, we work hard to serve our 5000+ neighboring households immediately surrounding the Cahuenga Pass.


Neighborhood e-Newsletter

To keep neighbors informed of upcoming events, the LA Phil sends a weekly email providing an event schedule and anticipated traffic flow impacts, as well as other relevant community information related to The Ford and Hollywood Bowl.



Neighborhood Events

From an annual neighborhood pancake breakfast to "donuts in the driveway" events in the community, to special, neighbor-only events, the LA Phil regularly hosts those who live in the vicinity. Working with our local neighborhood association partners, we plan and invite neighbors as often as possible to attend events, including with regular ticket giveaways. To learn about upcoming events, please contact your neighborhood association.

Neighborhood Suggestions

A critical part of our work with the surrounding community is soliciting, receiving, and reviewing feedback on what's going on in the neighborhood.

Please email

Community Advisory

In 2018, the LA Phil reinvigorated a Community Advisory group. The group comprises two representatives from the six surrounding neighborhood associations and the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council: Cahuenga Pass Association, Outpost Neighborhood Association, Hollywood Heights Association, Hollywood Dell Civic Association, Whitley Heights Civic Association, and Hollywood Knolls Community Club.

The meetings are held quarterly to provide The Ford and Hollywood Bowl updates and work together to address community concerns. Often representatives from County Supervisorial District 5, City District 4, the County Department of Parks & Recreation, and LADOT attend these meetings, which always include staff and representatives of The Ford, the Hollywood Bowl,  and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association. The following are the current members of the Community Advisory:

Hollywood Heights
Todd Henricks
Joyce Dyrector

Cahuenga Pass
Krista Michaels
Dan Bernstein

Whitley Heights
John Gittelsohn
James Roncal

Hollywood Knolls
Dan Savage
Joel Samuels

Hollywood Dell
Jodi Ehrlich
Alexa Iles

Outpost Estates
Chris Wintrode
Andrea Falco 

Hollywood Hills West NC
Anastasia Mann
Kyrsten Munson

Rediscover The Ford

In 2008, noted architectural firm Levin & Associates was brought on to draft The Ford Theatres Project, a comprehensive multi-phased plan that provided for the rehabilitation of this historic facility and addressed needed improvements that has substantially impacted the audience and artist experience. Implementation of the plan began in 2013 with the installation of new seats and the restoration of the iconic neo-Judaic structure to its original unpainted concrete. The $80 million renovation project was designed by Levin & Associates Architects with Mia Lehrer + Associates landscape architects and began in September 2014, after certification of the EIR for the project.

The project addressed hillside stabilization and drainage improvements, reconstruction of the amphitheater stage, a new theatrical lighting and audio package, replacement of the sound wall and control booth, a new picnic and performance terrace that includes a raised deck above a loading dock and a two-story structure comprising a lower-level concessions kitchen and upper-level office space. The renovations were completed in 2017.


Visit Us This Summer

Recognizing the resource that this arts venue is to the region, we are committed to working with immediate neighbors to provide access to the offerings of The Ford. We also provide a series of tickets to adjacent neighborhood associations so they can enjoy the various works presented in the summer.

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