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  • Nov. 12, 2015
  • Local Designers and Artists to Visit Store on Select Dates 

    November 27-29, 2015
    December 4-5, 2015
    December 6, 2015
    December 11-12, 2015
    December 19-20, 2015


    The LA Phil Store at Walt Disney Concert Hall will host a series of limited holiday season pop-up shopping events located just outside the store entrance starting November 27. Coinciding with select concerts running from the end of November through December, these events will provide patrons the opportunity to meet Southern California-based designers and artists selling special gifts.

    The designers and artists visiting the store include:


    Alminty3D is a design studio based in Marina Del Rey, CA, founded by Geman (Olive) Wu and Bibo Lan in 2014. After graduating from the USC School of Architecture, Geman got inspiration from parametric design and digital fabrication technology to create a brand with products ranging from miniature furniture to geometric jewelry. The intent of the design is to open minds to the simplicity of objects and to encourage a modern and timeless style in life.

    Molla Space
    Started in 2007 by curious minds with a passion for gorgeous design and functional art, Los Angeles-based Molla Space has grown to include designers from across the globe who share a message of creative authenticity. Molla Space’s range of products include home, office and personal accessories, lighting, electronics, decorative art and furniture. The products are designed to elevate our everyday routines into a unique expression of self and individuality.

    Mary Donald
    Mary Donald is an award-winning artist making experimental studio jewelry, objects and installations in a variety of materials. Her MFA is from San Diego State University. She exhibits at museums, galleries and fairs, including Snyderman-Works Gallery (Philadelphia), Velvet da Vinci (San Francisco), Crafts Council Gallery (London), SOFA (Chicago), World Friendship Center (Hiroshima), Smithsonian Craft Show (Washington DC). She maintains her Mt. Washington-area studio just north of DTLA where she produces her work and gives private art instruction.

    Shupaca is the brainchild of San Diego-based husband and wife Andrew and Lori Schuster. Travelling off the beaten track in Ecuador brought about an unexpected immersion to the vibrant socio-cultural heritage of South America, and the discovery of an extraordinary fabric called Alpaca. Forming a brand that combines their environment-conscious minds and dedication to fair trade and responsible business practices, Shupaca combines the couple’s surname and their esteemed product of choice, Alpaca fur. Upholding this ancient tradition in fashion while injecting creative contemporary details, Shupaca works with South American artisans and their families to ensure products that exude indigenous quality while remaining fashionably relevant. All products are hand woven on wood looms using the same methods that have been practiced for hundreds of years. Shupaca presents solid and printed scarves, shawls, blankets, hats, gloves and other accessories that promise to revamp and complete daily wardrobes, regardless of the season or climate.

    HB Artisan
    Julie Hirtzel makes unique home furnishings crafted from the reclaimed Hollywood Bowl bench seats. This old-growth Alaskan yellow cedar exudes beauty and is a joy to work with. Having baked in the Southern California sunshine for more than 40 years, the patina on this wood is a warm grey with hints of brown. This lumber originated in Alaska, was crafted into seating at one of LA's favorite venues, and is now beginning a new life as furniture in the homes of Angelenos.  

    In addition to these special events, the store will be selling authentic LA Phil and Hollywood Bowl street banners on December 13 and 20. Patrons can select from a wide variety of designs and graphics, as well as one-of-a kind repurposed banner tote bags in a variety of sizes. 

    The store will also be offering in-store double discount shopping for subscribers and free shipping for all online orders (continental US only) from November 27 – December 6.   


    131 S. Grand Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA


    November 27-28, 2-10 PM
    November 29, 12-5 PM

    December 4, 2-10 PM
    December 5, 12-10 PM

    Mary Donald
    December 6, 12-7 PM

    December 11, 5-10 PM
    December 12, 12-8 PM

    HB Artisan
    December 19, 12-8 PM
    December 20, 12-8 PM

    LA Phil and Hollywood Bowl Street Banners and Totes
    December 13, 5-10PM
    December 20, 5-10PM

    Special Promotions

    Double Discount Shopping for Subscribers:
    November 27 – December 6

    Free Shipping for all LA Phil Store Online Orders (Continental US only):
    November 27 – December 6 


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