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Produced in partnership with Boss Witch Productions

Fri / Oct 6, 2023 - 8:00PM

A celebration of communitas from the diaspora of the south of our continent, weaving traditional music, ritual, experimental electronic sound, and performance art.

Gate time:
6:30 PM

About this Performance

AL SUR DE LA FRONTERA brings together the traditional music from the Sierra Zapoteca of Oaxaca with experimental arrangements, featuring the Oaxacan LA-based Maqueos Music youth philharmonic band, multidisciplinary artist Dorian Wood, indigenous trilingual Mixtec rapper Una Isu, Latina coloratura Soprano Maria Elena Altany, Chicano “futuristic laser gangster bass” electronic musician Baseck, multi-instrumentalist and conductor extraordinaire Yulissa Maqueos, and the Mexican extreme vocalist and interdisciplinary artist Carmina Escobar.

Created and directed by Boss Witch Productions, an artistic production company focused on the intersection of experimental sound art, ritual performance, video art, and transmedia collaboration within natural landscapes, unconventional performance sites, theaters and concert venues. Founded and led by queer and trans artists, Boss Witch is co-directed by Madeline Falcone and Carmina Escobar, working to establish a sustainable and artist-driven infrastructure for the creation of experimental, site-specific work. We seek to reimagine our relationship to the world around us, creating immersive innovative exhibitions, performances, and sound art related to land, ritual, and the constant transformation of tradition.

Programs, artists, dates, prices, and availability subject to change.