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MANEATINGPLANT, chefs Candice Tzeng & Phil Kwan

About this Artist

MANEATINGPLANT was born in the summer of 2018 as a humble tent popup in Torrance, CA. Partners and chefs, Candice Tzeng and Phil Kwan, launched the vision with a desire to share the authentic food and nostalgic flavors they knew and loved so much. After a few years sharing food in a tent, the popup evolved into their food bus, Olive, that currently serves communities from Los Angeles, to Orange County, to San Diego and beyond. They also recently partnered with the Westfield Mall in Topanga to open their first brick and mortar location at the Topanga Social food hall.

Candice Tzeng, one of the passionate minds behind MANEATINGPLANT, is Taiwanese with a deep-rooted connection to the Japanese culture after growing up with her Osakan grandmother. While she didn't attend culinary school, Candice's passion for cooking led her to become a self-taught home cook, honing her skills under her grandmother's guidance. With a background in Studio Arts and experience in the social media and marketing field, Candice brings a creative touch to MANEATINGPLANT's culinary endeavors.

Phil Kwan, the other driving force behind MANEATINGPLANT, hails from a multicultural background with Malaysian and Chinese roots. His journey in the culinary world began at a young age, assisting his grand- mother in his restaurant and even finding solace sleeping in the booths. With a strong work ethic and a burn- ing passion for culinary excellence, Philip worked his way up the ranks, starting in professional kitchens during high school. He eventually reached the position of Sous Chef at a fine-dining vegan restaurant where he further refined his skills. Philip's expertise and dedication to the art of cooking play a pivotal role in shap- ing the exceptional dining experiences offered at MANEATINGPLANT.

Together, Candice and Phil form a dynamic duo, sharing their culinary expertise, cultural backgrounds, and commitment to quality food. Their vision and love for plant-based Asian comfort food have led MANEATINGPLANT to become a haven for food lovers seeking delicious, nostalgic dishes with a vegan twist.