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About this Artist

Tobmehday, born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in New York City, currently resides in Southern California. Deaf since the age of three due to a severe fever, Tobmehday embarked on his education at the Lexington School for the Deaf in NYC, leaving RIT unfinished for the bustling streets of NYC.

Originally aspiring for a fashion career, destiny steered Tobmehday towards a life deeply intertwined with music. Despite deafness, his unwavering passion has shaped a unique sonic universe, blending visual language into musical expression. With diverse instruments, Tobmehday finds joy in transformative performances. He warmly invites you to explore his world, aiming to offer a distinctive perspective as a deaf artist and share the enchantment of his unconventional sonic creations. Join Tobmehday in creating an unforgettable symphony together.