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About this Artist

Ashlee is a 2023-2024 fellow in the LA Phil Composer Fellowship Program. Ashlee is a senior at her high school and enjoys playing the violin and composing music. She has been playing the violin since age 3, studies with Sharon Harman at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music, and is the concertmistress of the Pasadena Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. She also takes music theory classes with Ruby Wang; however, until joining LA Phil CFP, Ashlee had been self-taught at music composition, yet won first place in PTA Reflections Music Composition three times. In December 2022, she conducted her composition, “Mistletoe Berries” at her high school’s winter concert, thus making her debut as a composer/conductor. In March 2023, she won 3rd place in the MTAC Composers Today State Contest. Ashlee has a strong passion for music - both performing and composing - and aspires to continue studying music in the future.