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About this Artist

Gloria Martinez “ Goyo” is a singer, rapper and producer, co-founder of the Grammy Award Winning group, ChocQuibTown. Born in Condoto Chocó in the Colombian Pacific Coast, she’s one of the most inspiring Colombian global artists today. Heiress of a musical family, her mother and aunt influenced her melodic voice while her father also encouraged her love for music. Goyo’s lived many firsts, first Afro-Latina to be honored as one of the Leading Ladies of Entertainment by the Recording Academy for the Latin Grammys; first Afro-Latina to be an official ambassador for Cadillac. In Goyo’s words, ” I’m often the ‘first’ in instances like these, but that’s not what excites me, because it reflects how few opportunities there are for women like me.”

As the passionate, soulful voice of Colombia, Goyo is the most rousing and conscious lyricists of our time. Since Goyo’s first appearance in the public eye , she’s the prominent Afro Latina garnering a loyal following, countless media recognitions and international awards. Goyo consciously uses her platform to inspire, champion for Women’s rights, equality and inclusion by transcending borders.