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Cole Brown

About this Artist

My name is Cole Brown, and I am a 2020/21 fellow in the LA Phil Composer Fellowship Program. Music and the arts are important to me. I used to draw a lot when I was younger, and I wanted to animate and write cartoons. I still like to write stories as well make music, and I plan to continue. I started taking piano lessons when I was three years old and started playing violin when I moved to L.A. with my mom and brother. The first place we lived in was Eagle Rock. Me and my brother went to Eagle Rock Elementary until I was 10 when our landlords decided to demolish our house to create a bigger house. From there we moved to Pasadena, where I went to McKinley Middle School. In seventh and eighth grades, I went to Renaissance Arts Academy. I came to Marshall when I was in ninth grade. I love to skateboard and make music. My dream is to be a music producer. I have been in many music programs throughout my life, including Pasadena Youth Orchestra and Harmony Project.