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Antonio Rey

About this Artist

Antonio Rey Navas, a virtuoso of harmony and “compás” (flamenco rhythm). Winner of several national and international flamenco guitar competitions such as the Art of Flamenco of Córdoba, Niño Ricardo and Los Cernícalos, Jerez. He started his artistic career at the age of ten accompanying his father, Tony Rey in various tablaos in Mexico.

He has performed as an accompanist for artists such as Manuela Carrasco, Rafael Amargo, Farruquito, Rafael de Utrera and La Tana, among others.

At 38 years old he has already produced four albums: “A traves de ti” (Through You) produced by Gerardo Núñez, “Colores de fuego” (Colors of Fire) where he collaborated with Estrella Morente, Vicente Amigo and Josemi Carmona, among others. “Camino al alma” (Road to the Soul), and his latest album, “Dos partes de mi” (Two Parts of Me) in which he demonstrates a majestic style in every pulsation, staying true to his roots, at the same time inspired by other styles of music.