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Courtney Ozovek

About this Artist

COURTNEY OZOVEK (Assistant Choreographer/A Shape) is a dance artist, choreographer, and educator rooted in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. She has been the founding member of BARE Dance Company, RhetOracle Dance Company, and Solevita Dance Company. Her personal work has been presented in California, Arizona, Alaska, and Guantanamo Bay, as well as in shows at Universal Studies, Disneyland, and private corporate events. She is currently in her thirteenth year as a Dance faculty at CSU Fullerton and has most recently completed her MFA in Dance from CSU Long Beach. She is grateful to have worked with artists such as Keith Johnson, Andrew Vaca, Rebecca Lemme, Rebecca Bryant, Colleen Thomas, Gladys Kares, Debra Noble, and Macarena Gandarillas. Thank you to everyone involved in this beautiful production.