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Teodelina Martelli

About this Artist

TEODELINA MARTELLI is an 18-year-old ornithologist, artist and composer. She is passionately interested in the behavior and evolution of birds and has been composing since she was seven. She is fascinated by the interdisciplinary boundaries where ornithology and music meet because birds happen to use behaviors with sounds (that we perceive musically) and thus have been affecting human music, literature, and culture for hundreds of thousands of years. Teodelina has studied piano performance for nearly a decade and taught herself composition based on the wide musical repertoire she has been exposed to regularly. Among the composers she most admires are Johannes Brahms, Gustav Mahler, Frederic Chopin, and Carlos Gardel. Teodelina strives to create music aspiring to the deeply moving logic and symmetry of the works of such composers. She hopes that her music will bring enjoyment and appreciation to the lives of those around her as well as represent her Argentine roots and passion for ornithology.