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Charlie the Unicorn Art Car

About this Artist

The Unicorns offer more than just one of the most popular art cars at Burning Man, but that’s where this fairy-tale started in the spring of 2011. A group of artists, makers, DJs, and adventurers brought their love of all things funky and magical together to create the Charlie the Unicorn Art Car, an homage to the most infamous Unicorn in the history of popular culture.

Inspired by great balls of fire, candy cane stripper poles, and rainbow glitter, this one-of-a-kind land-yacht is as unique as the phenomenon that inspired it. On the playa, Charlie the Unicorn Art Car is known for epic DJ sets, mesmerizing laser light shows, and massive fire balls that shoot from his horn. Daily art tours and nightly parties have happened all over Black Rock City from the city center to the trash fence. The Unicorns are constantly fostering an environment where everyone is included, featuring bars for our 21+ crowd, surprise grilled-cheese parties, and special tours for families with young children.

Shortly after the launch of the art car, the Los Angeles based team realized they could spread Unicorn cheer to thousands more by producing local parties and participating in community festivals and events. More art was built, including the Unicorn Rainbow and the Unicorn Lair, a unique staging and art area that can feature DJs, musicians, dancers, live painters, and whatever your imagination can add to it.   

As of early 2017, the Unicorns have hosted stages at or been a part of Boogaloo Art Car & Music Festival, Los Angeles DeCom, San Francisco DeCom, Venice After-Burn, the Untz Festival, YouTopia, LA Pride Weekend, Chalice Festival, Emerald Exchange, and the San Mardi Gras Parade. Unicorn DJs and musicians have furthered the Unicorn cheer by performing at Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, and many other internationally known events.

Events have featured J Phlip, Christian Martin, Worthy, DJ Dan, Sacha Robotti, Elite Force, Fort Knox Five, Sabo, Marques Wyatt, Joeski, Hoj, Donald Glaude, Pumpkin, WhiteNoize, DJ Mes, Lee Reynolds, Mike Balance and Neighbour. Resident Unicorns include divaDanielle, Fleetwood Smack, Erik Nelson, Sprankles, Todd Spero, LoboMan, Story of the Running Wolf, Friskie Business, Naira Hart, Vitamin-G, Massio, and SomeKindaWeirdo.

Our Unicorns have 2 simple mottos:

Everyone’s Invited. Unicorns seek to create spaces that promote and foster real world MAGIC, where you are free to let go and be who you really are in a safe and supportive environment.

Unicorning So Hard. This is what happens when you stop taking everything so seriously and start embracing your inner magical being!