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Los Tigres del Norte

About this Artist

In the diverse world of Latin music, the Regional Mexican genre alone accounts for more than half of all music sales (outpacing the combined sales of Pop, Rock, Tropical, Urban & all other styles) and Los Tigres del Norte are the undisputed legends of the genre.   In a cover profile on the group, Billboard magazine declared the family of musicians as, “the most influential regional Mexican group in the United States… Los Tigres del Norte are not just another popular musical act…. Instead, they're widely viewed as the voice of the people.”  Explaining the importance of Los Tigres, the New York Times went even further, declaring:  “Latin music's greatest statesmen are Los Tigres del Norte…Los Tigres sell millions of records, regularly top Billboard's Latin charts and draw tens of thousands of fans to stadiums… In short, they are among the most popular acts in Latin music today.”  

With more than 500 recorded songs to their credit, Los Tigres del Norte have sold over 37 Million albums worldwide, while notching 22 #1 albums and more than 50 #1 singles. The group has received countless Platinum records and numerous awards - including multiple GRAMMY and LATIN GRAMMYS, the Latin Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and The Hispanic Heritage “Legends” Award at The Kennedy Center. Even after an unrivaled four-decade career, Los Tigres continues to be at the forefront of Latin music popularity – still performing regularly to audiences exceeding 100,000+ a night, debuting at #1 on the charts with each album and single they release, and continually blazing new trails for the genre. 

Milestones for the band in recent years have included headlining Mexico’s historic bicentennial celebration; the release of the first MTV Unplugged album dedicated to the Regional Mexican genre, "MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres del Norte & Friends," headlining the Camino Americano Immigration March and Concert at the National Mall in Washington DC; and the presentation of a star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame.

With the 2014 release of their most recent #1 album “Realidades” (Realities), Los Tigres del Norte have continued to proudly wear the mantle of social messengers for their community, detailing true-life stories of danger, discrimination and social rejection often faced by both Mexican and Mexican-American fans on either side of the border.  Heralded as “one of the best albums of the year” by  So. Cal Public Radio, “Realidades” first single “La Bala” (The Bullet) tells the heartbreaking tale of unexpected loss that can occur when we do not collectively stand up to gun violence.  The song was anchored in the #1 chart position in Mexico for several weeks as the country and band in tandem cried out over the widely reported disappearance of 43 students.  In the spring of 2015, Los Tigres del Norte were also honored with a special recognition award from GLAAD for an additional new album track titled “Era Diferente” - which is widely considered to be the first Norteno song to advocate for LGBT tolerance.  Now, with these new tales of a constantly changing society entrenched firmly in their playlist, Los Tigres Del Norte are once again on the road – week, after week across Mexico, The United States and the rest of the Spanish speaking world - intimately connecting with each and every individual that spends an evening in front of the stage of these grand storytellers.