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Zola Jesus

About this Artist

ZOLA JESUS will release a new EP Valusia on October 12, 2010 via Sacred Bones Records. Zola Jesus will also do a full US this fall tour including three weeks supporting The xx.

Saying the last six months have been a whirlwind for Sacred Bones’ youngest roster artist would certainly be a bit of an understatement. In addition to turning 21 successfully, by the time you read this, she will have also graduated college with a double major, and left her home of Wisconsin for the significantly less flat pavement of Los Angeles. But beyond the collegiate and personal milestones, Zola Jesus has attained some crucial career milestones since her last EP as well. She will be heading out on her first proper tours this fall, (three of them back-to-back, actually) supporting Fever Ray and Xiu Xiu abroad and The xx stateside. Don’t worry there will be plenty of headline shows sprinkled throughout as well, and yes, most of the shows will be with her full backing band.