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Kelly Sweet

About this Artist

18-year-old singer KELLY SWEET possesses the kind of organic talent that is driven by an innate need to connect, and relies solely on talent and passion to convey who she is and what she has to say. She is an artist who is driven to share her gifts with the world because she has no other choice, making her that rare singer who combines unassailable credibility and talent with an uncanny ability to connect with a wide audience of music fans.

At the age of 7, Sweet and her mother moved to Kanab, UT. Working regularly with a vocal coach, Sweet honed her skills as a performer by singing at state fairs, county festivals, and community theaters. As the audience got larger, Sweet's aspirations grew. Sweet and her mother rented their home in Utah and went on the road for two years. Barely 14, the singer opened for Kenny Loggins and was booked three times to sing the national anthem for the Los Angeles Lakers.

One synchronistic encounter after another eventually led Sweet to a meeting with Grammy-nominated producer, arranger, and songwriter Mark Portmann (Josh Groban, Celine Dion) in July of 2004. "Mark and I instantly got each other," she says. "Everything felt so natural."

Not your typical pop record in any way, shape, or form, We Are One conveys a sense of depth, intimacy, and sophistication not often heard in today's pop landscape. Says Sweet, "This music is not about me. It's about the soul in all of us. I am just happy to have a voice to convey these things to the world."