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About this Artist

The New York Times gracefully calls them, “The most visible yet invisible pop figures in the entire world.” Known all over the world as LEGACI, these 4 gentlemen have been wowing audiences with their harmonies and vocal acrobatics. Micah, Jason, Chris, and Del all hail from the San Francisco Bay Area and for years shared a passion to make music that moves people; and move people they did.

With over 25 million views and counting, it was Legaci’s YouTube channel and their cover of Justin Bieber’s smash hit “Baby” that got the attention of Bieber and his manager, Scooter Braun. Legaci was asked to tour with Justin as his official backing group. They accepted, and since then they have traveled exclusively with Bieber, singing for millions of anxious fans in 22 different countries around the world. During the middle of every concert, Justin introduces Legaci to his audience and has them perform their own mix of a cappella pop melodies. Giving them the spotlight each night, Justin has Legaci appear center stage, where they show the screaming crowds that they are not just ordinary backup singers. Since their start with Bieber, Legaci has performed their medley for more than 130 of his shows.

Legaci’s fame has been steadily rising. With over 140,000 subscriptions, Legaci is recognized as one of the most popular singing groups on all of YouTube. As a social networking phenomenon, Legaci maintains over 40,000 “likes” on Facebook and over 120,000 combined followers on Twitter.

Legaci has been no stranger to major media outlets, sharing the stage with Bieber on shows such as The Oprah Show, Saturday Night Live, The View, The Tonight Show with David Letterman, and The Late Show with Conan O’Brien. They were also chosen to accompany Bieber for Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards, The American Music Awards, and the MTV’s Video Music Awards in 2010. Continuing with Bieber throughout 2011, they performed for shows such as Dancing with the Stars, The Today Show, The European Music Awards, The Rockefeller Tree Lighting Special, The Disney Christmas Parade, and most recently for the President of the United States for Christmas in Washington, D.C. They are also a part of the cast in Bieber’s hour-long special, This is Justin Bieber, as well as the movie box office smash Never Say Never 3D, where they performed with Boyz II Men, Miley Cyrus, and Usher.

After 2 years of being on the road with Justin Bieber for the My World Tour, Legaci finally released their debut single, entitled All Day, with a full-length album that debuted in the spring of 2012.