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Julia Holter


About this Artist

Los Angeles-based musician JULIA HOLTER began self-recording songs in college while studying formal music composition. After school, she spent several years recording on her own, performing locally, and releasing limited-run cassettes and CD-Rs on various labels. She recently started performing and recording her songs with other musicians again, and released her latest album, Loud City Song (2013), on Domino Records. Since the release of her previous two albums, Tragedy (2011) and Ekstasis (2012), she has performed at venues and festivals throughout Europe, North America, Lebanon, and Australia. Most of the musicians with whom she plays came out of at least one of the two music schools she attended – CalArts (MFA, 2009) and the University of Michigan (BM, 2006) – and their familiarity with a broad range of compositional techniques and playing styles enables her to explore different ways of arranging her songs, without committing to any specific musical genre.

Holter grew up in Los Angeles, and she studied music at Hamilton High Music Academy and piano at the after-school program at Colburn School. She frequently attended Los Angeles Philharmonic concerts – especially Green Umbrella concerts – and is honored to be a part of this program.