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Granada Hills High School Marching Band

About this Artist

The Granada Hills Charter High School Music Academy is proud to present the GRANADA HILLS HIGHLANDER BAND. Wearing black and white tartan, clan Menzies kilts, the highlanders are the official musical ambassadors of the United Scottish Societies Highland Games and Festivals. The band has performed in such prestigious events as the 2002 Winter Olympics, KIIS-FM's "Wango Tango," the Portland Rose Festival, and live performances for Paramount Studios and Warner Bros. Productions. They have also appeared in major motion pictures like Dodgeball, televisions shows such as The Gilmore Girls, MTV's Rock Your World, and California's Gold on PBS. You will also see them in national advertising campaigns for 7-up, Kellogg's Sugar Frosted Flakes, and Round Table Pizza. Here in Hollywood, Granada Hills has performed original compositions by award-winning composers Stephen Sondheim and Harold Wheeler. Last year, Granada performed live at the Hollywood Bowl with the L.A. Philharmonic in Leonard Bernstein's Mass and on Nickelodeon with Will Smith for the "Kids Choice Awards." The Highlander Band is current reigning Grand Sweepstakes Champions for the Portland Rose Festival.