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ABBA The Music

About this Artist

The band Waterloo was formed by Katja Nord and Camilla Dahlin (now Hedrén), and started performing in clubs around Sweden in 1996-1997. Naturally the band immediately began to make exact copies of the famous Waterloo costumes. The former ABBA sax player Uffe Andersson was the band's guest of honour at the very first Waterloo show.

Katja and Camilla continued to establish them selves on the Swedish market and went to Belgium for their first international performance in 1998. After the concert Katja and Camilla were in a taxi on the way back to the hotel, when the driver suddenly turned around and said; "You look exactly like ABBA!". This speaks for itself. In fact, any person that has had the opportunity to see and listen to Waterloo can agree to that it is a very convincing show. They could easily be taken for the real ABBA.

Norway discovered Waterloo and a long collaboration started in 2000, establishing Waterloo as the number one ABBA band in Norway. Later the same year Katja and Camilla were selected as one of the ten competitors in the European Soundmix Contest, "Stars in Euro Eyes" which was held in Manchester. The final was broadcasted, and only in UK it reached over 16 million viewers.

In the year 2001 Waterloo started to collaborate with the Danish production company CS Entertainment ApS ( and produced "ABBA - THE SHOW", the story of ABBA presented by Waterloo together with National Symphony Orchestra of London, conducted by Matthew Freeman.

During fall "ABBA - THE SHOW" did a three week concert house tour through Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Houses were sold out and the reviews saluted the concept.

In 2002 Waterloo has just as the other years continued doing a lot of festivals and company shows in Scandinavia. During spring they did a second tour with "ABBA - THE SHOW", this time to Estonia, Sweden and Denmark.

CS Entertainment also opened the doors for the concept in USA, and a two-week tour in Eastern USA happened during the summer. "ABBA - THE MUSIC" as the name of the concept was changed to for the American market, was performed to over 20 000 people, and original ABBA band members were added to the show as guests of honour. Several houses were sold out, and the tour was a success that led to a return already in October, this time to Arizona.

During the nasty winter weather in 2004 WATERLOO went on a short promotion tour to the Philippines, hoping to get a day on the beach –but no! four hectic days remaining of TV-performances, press conferences, radio interviews and two packed concerts and the associated autograph hunters.

The Philippines was followed by a promotional tour in Holland, which proved it self very successful. ABBA’s Official International Fan Club saw the show and was thrilled and they appointed ABBA THE SHOW to be the “Best ABBA tribute show in the world”. Not bad at all!

For the third year in a row they flew across the Atlantic Ocean for yet another “ABBA the Music” US tour. The sold out opening show was held at no less than the distinguished Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. WATERLOO was now established as the US no. one ABBA tribute band!

A very successful Dutch tour spring 2005 lead to another week of touring in Holland during the autumn. For that tour Waterloo had the honour to be able to present yet another of ABBA’s original musicians, Lasse Wellander. This was very flattering as WATERLOO is the only ABBA tribute band he has agreed to perform with. The reason being, the high quality of WATERLOO compared to other ABBA tribute bands.

In the year 2007, the highlight of Waterloo’s career will reach the skies when performing in ABBA THE SHOW a completely sold out show at the prestigious and world famous Royal Albert Hall in London. The Royal Albert Hall show is the kick off for a big German Arena tour followed by a UK Arena tour in 2008. For the future, Waterloo will continue to build the band as the most professional ABBA group on the market. The sky is the limit, as the saying goes. Their goal is to keep and grow their already established market in Scandinavia, Holland, Spain, USA as well as continue building their market in especially Germany and the UK.

With "ABBA THE SHOW" there are plans to tour Italy, UK, Korea, Japan, India, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand during 2008, and the US market is anxiously waiting to have them back for a new tour in July 2008 as well.

Former original ABBA band members that have contributed in ABBA THE SHOW are: Rutger Gunnarsson (bass), Ola Brunkert (drums), Ulf Andersson (sax), Mats Ronander (guitar and vocals), Lasse Wellander (guitar), Roger Palm (drums) & Finn Sjöberg (Guitar).