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daKAH hip hop orchestra

About this Artist

Since its inception in 1999, daKAH HIP HOP ORCHESTRA has expanded steadily and received widespread acclaim for its genre-bending, culture-blending performances. Founded by a diverse group of 23 musicians, the Los Angeles-based orchestra aims to bring genuine musical experiences to both symphonic and hip hop audiences with unique programming that marries these two genres while maintaining the integrity of each.

Forming what may be considered a United Nations of music, the dozens of musicians that comprise daKAH come from wildly diverse musical backgrounds, cultural experiences, artistic tastes, and lifestyles. Their common threads are outstanding musical dexterity and a spirit of curiosity and collaboration.

DaKAH is unlike many other orchestras in its balance of formally trained musicians and self-taught musicians and other improvisers from jazz and contemporary traditions. The result is a firm structure anchoring a groove that cannot be notated.

In 2002 the orchestra's conductor, Geoff Gallegos (Double G), received a Durfee Foundation Artist Award that led to the release of daKAH's first studio album, Unfinished Symphony.