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Meridian Brothers


Sun / July 28, 2024 - 7:30PM

Take a psychedelic tour through the history of Latin American tropical music.

Gate time:
6:00 PM

About this Performance

Meridian Brothers began as a way for guitarist and experimental musician Eblis Alvarez to play around with the limits of traditional Colombian music. It’s since become a project that feels almost literary in scope and imagination, a psychedelic vision that absorbs the history of music from Latin America and beams it into the future. Using rhythms and ideas from a wide array of styles—son, salsa, cumbia... the list never stops expanding—Alvarez creates a new form of dance music that’s augmented by chopped and echoed samples, elaborate processing, and exploratory instrumentation. As a live force, Meridian Brothers pulses with the energy and flow of a great DJ, laughing as it blurs the boundaries between psychedelic rock, traditional Latin music, and experimental sounds.

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