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Tovaangar Today

Before Los Angeles’ name was first written on a map, there was Tovaangar: a gathering place and nurturing home to the Tongva people. Co-curated by Kenny Ramos, Jessa Calderon, and Kelly Caballero, Tovaangar Today is a virtual celebration of the Native artists and cultural creators who still thrive in the region working as poets, actors, emcees, multimedia artists, and advocates. While centering on the Tongva and other California Nations, the festival will also feature artists from the local intertribal urban Native diaspora and highlight the connections between art, activism, identity, and tribal sovereignty.


Tovaangar Today premieres on SUN / NOV 1 - 4:00PM PT

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Music and Performances

Kelly Caballero

Kelly Caballero
Kelly Caballero, a Tongva singer-songwriter, performer, poet, and jeweler uses her voice to highlight the multifaceted and complex lives of Indigenous peoples born and raised in urban settings. She performs original songs with her ukulele from The Ford’s Edison Plaza.

Jessa Calderon

Jessa Calderon
Singer, songwriter, emcee (rapper), poet, and author Jessa Calderon is of the Chumash and Tongva Nations of Southern California and found her voice in hip-hop. Calderon fills The Ford’s stage with her poignant hooks, rhymes, and lyrics.

PJ Vegas

PJ Vegas
Indigenous Alternative R&B artist PJ Vegas is known for his sultry vocals and gritty content, winning a 2017 MTV VMA for “Best Video with a Message.” 

The Tewa

The Tewa
The Tewa is an Indigenous (Cherokee and Purhepecha) Artist and Producer based out of Southern California. He performs his distinct blend of jazz, soul, and indie music at The Ford’s Edison Plaza.

Šmuwič Singers
Featuring Mia Lopez, Tina Calderon, and Jessa Calderon, the Šmuwič Singers (Chumash Singers) share stories through song.

Artists in Focus


Solange Aguilar

Solange Aguilar
Explore the powerful voice of artist and poet Solange Aguilar in a video feature

The Mendozas

Isaiah Mendoza and Annie Mendoza
Share a portion of The Aqueduct Between Us, that offers Native oral histories about water in Los Angeles

Tazbah Rose Chavez

Tazbah Rose Chavez
The performance poet turned director and television writer reads her multimedia poem “When did you forget?”

Tommy "Teebs" Pico

Tommy “Teebs” Pico
The poet, podcaster, author, and TV writer reads selections from his book Nature Poem

Panel Conversation

Kenny Ramos
Kenny Ramos, Moderator

Working to Protect Water, Environmental Justice, Sacredness of Water

Moderated by Kenny Ramos, the panel looks at environmental justice and protecting fragile water resources for tribal communities.

Angela Mooney D'Arcy

Angela Mooney D'Arcy
Founder and Executive Director of Sacred Places Institute

Maura Sullivan

Maura Sullivan
Coastal protection activist

Isaiah Mendoza

Isaiah Mendoza
Multimedia Artist

Annie Mendoza

Annie Mendoza
Director, Indigenous Waters Program Sacred Places Institute, PhD Candidate in Urban Planning

Community Spotlight

Pukúu Cultural Community Services

Pukúu Cultural Community Services works to invest in, improve opportunities for, and celebrate diverse tribal nations striving for the betterment of all American Indian people living in Los Angeles County.

Virtual Marketplace

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Our Indigenous Traditions

The O.I.T. Mission is to build awareness and showcase Indigenous Culture with the utmost respect to communities through fashion and to educate and learn from one another, whether it's from Tribe-to-Tribe or Tribal-to-Non-Tribal.

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Spirit Wolf Collection

Tongva Land – Gemstone, Jewelry, Tattoo, Energy worker, Numerology, Dreamer, Poet, Toltec Path, Red Road Warrior, Caxcán, Wixárika, Swiss ”TIJAX”

Kimberly Robertson

Kimberly Robertson (Mvskoke) is an artivist, scholar, teacher, and mother who works diligently to employ Native feminist theories, practices, and methodologies in her hustle to fulfill the dreams of her ancestors and to build a world in which her daughters can thrive. She was born in Bakersfield, CA, and currently lives on unceded Tongva lands.

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